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Sports Betting Operator Magazine caught up with Galaxsys, the innovative games studio that is leading the way in providing award-winning fast, crash, mines, skill and plinko games for online casino players seeking a more engaging, simpler game theme, and experience. Hayk Sargsyan, CEO of Galaxsys provides insight into this fast-growing and innovative casino games vertical.

Galaxsys is still a relatively young business. How was 2023?

We are incredibly happy with our team members and our collective accomplishments.
Galaxsys released 15 games in 2023. This included the hit “Too Sweet to Handle” Ninja Crash. We’re looking forward to showing our most popular game of last year’s season during ICE London. Our varied portfolio includes six crash games: Crash, Rocketon, Cash Show, Crasher, Maestro and our most recent release, Limbo Crash.

The year 2023 was a time when we felt honored to be recognized for several prestigious B2B iGaming awards. These demonstrated our increasing influence and prominence within the online-casino vertical market. The highlight was the cult game, Ninja Crash, which took the spotlight and won prizes for its unique features and game design.
Overall, 2023 was an incredible year of growth for Galaxsys.

hayk sargsyan galaxsys ceo

Image: Hayk Sargsyan Chief Executive Officer Galaxsys 

Galaxsys has expanded into several markets. What’s planned for this year?

Galaxsys has widened its market coverage throughout the year. Our games are accessible to over 150 operators and are available with 170 currency options. This is an impressive for a business that is relatively new. We have recorded a remarkable user growth of 263 percent in 2023 in comparison to 2022. This is, in my opinion, reflects the increasing interest and popularity of our gaming services to top-tier casino operators.
We hold MGA, Curacao licenses, have obtained certifications for Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Republic of Srpska, Switzerland, Colombia, and are entering Italy, and other markets located in Europe, Asia and Latin America countries.

How have these games been received by online B2C operators?

Our games are widely played in all regions of the world. The reason is that online casino players want to try something different, as well as play games that are simple and easier to comprehend.
The players of today wish to maximize their time to play without having to learn the myriad of characters, bonuses and bonus rounds, resulting in confusion, particularly when you have only five to 10 minutes to play.
Crash as well as Fast Games provide a streamlined experience with low friction and give players the feeling of control over what will happen next during the game. These are just a few reasons behind the increased demand from players and B2C operators alike.

What have you learnt from this market expansion?

We are always excited about entering new markets and bringing our services to a wider market. The lessons we have learned from the previous expansions provide useful insights for our future ventures. Every market has its own unique characteristics and dynamics, and we welcome the chance to change, and improve.

What is on the agenda for 2024’s growth?

We are constantly looking for possibilities to expand and partner at Galaxsys. Our current focus is expanding into markets like those in the UK, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa, Colombia and the Baltics. The reason for these plans is rooted in the variety of gaming landscapes and user bases that the regions have to offer. We have also started our own slots development.

Galaxsys has announced the launch of several games for ICE London. Can you provide more information regarding these games and explain the features that set each from the others?

It’s true, Galaxsys is thrilled to introduce a variety of brand-new games during the London show and will be displayed in our demonstrations at the stand. In “Dr. Shocker,” players will enjoy a fast-paced game by connecting cables to win. “Tower Rush” will require players to create an endless series of floors to maximize their chances. “Limbo Crash” introduces an exciting concept, with winnings dependent on the chosen multipliers. “Bingo Star” combines the most popular bingo elements with a surprising twist. “Hot Gear” seamlessly blends speed and fashion by requiring players to scratch their fingers, and reveal the matching odds or attractive symbols. Finally, “Cosmo Saga” is a fun puzzle game that requires players to move colorful particles to create winning combinations. We are excited to present a diverse and thrilling range of games, each with its own distinctive features, during our demonstrations at the stand.

What other titles shall you focus on at this last show in ExCeL?

The mentioned games will be on display at ICE London, with a particular focus on “the Queen of our Portfolio.” That is Ninja Crash. ICE attendees will be able to enjoy an experience that will be immersive when we recreate the cherished elements of the game on our stand. This year we’re taking it one step further by bringing the thrill that is Ninja Crash to life with an actual-world setting, allowing visitors and players to interact with this game on a manner that is more than just a screen on your mobile phone.

Why are your games so successful?

Galaxsys is a highly focused business that puts the client at the center of everything we do. We research both with our operator partners, and from casino players, to continue to improve our game creation and implementation.
This is not just the front end or the game, it also includes the back-office and business processes. The UI/UX and product teams are looking at ways in which specific flows could be improved. This is a team method that spans across all departments.
We analize all feedback and create agile business scenarios to make sure that every roadmap improvement is in line with the standards for product releases prior to the release to the public.We are making continuous improvements in communication, support and training that will ensure the results, and we are determined to continue this process.

As we embark on 2024, what is your aim for this year?

The goal of Galaxsys is to become the leader in the market in fast as well as crash games. We design, create, and develop games that are extremely engaging and attractive across the entire casino player spectrum. We love helping our partners increase their players’ active and revenue targets. Furthermore, we believe in providing players with exciting games and providing the best gaming experience possible within the ever-changing world of iGaming.

Any final message for ICE London ExCeL’s visitors seeking different casino gaming content?

Our primary marketing campaign is for Ninja Crash, which is taking over London and it isn’t simply a slogan, it’s an undertaking, and it will truly be the main event at ICE London.
The stand will reveal an experience for Ninja Crash, showcasing the game’s exciting features as well as the fun of playing it adds to the gaming experience. At Galaxsys Stand N6-110, visitors will receive the ‘cake,’ which is part of the game theme, while taking part in interactive presentations and gaining exclusive, behind-the-scenes insights into the game development.

Come and visit us or get in touch at the Galaxsys website.

*** This exclusive interview was originally published  January 2024 ahead of ICE London in Sports Betting Operator Issue 009***