The stigma that sports betting is a bad thing is gone. With the introduction of online betting, more people are enjoying sports while still betting on them. The hope being bigger wins. In the past, you could wager on available bets or request a customized bet from the bookmaker. The process could take a while, as you had to contact them and wait for a reply. You could also not multi bet on the same game. The good news is that recently, the process became automated, and multi bets were introduced through the Bet builder.

What is a Bet Builder?

Bet Builder is a feature offered by various bookmakers to help users make personalized bets on a unique combination of scenarios. The scenarios include betting severally on the same game. You can combine odds such as scores for one half, who will score, and how many goals a certain player can score. Unlike in the past, the process is automated, and no human intermediary is involved. Most bookmakers offer the feature.

How to Use a Bet Builder

Although Bet builders from different bookmakers have different designs, they follow a similar process and are easy to use. The following are steps you will take to build a bet.

  • First, you need to have an account with the bookmaker and can access the site or application.
  • Pick the game you want to place a bet on and select
  • A bet slip is made with each selection you make being added.
  • After you choose, your total odds will appear, confirm your wage by clicking on “Place Bet”

As the match continues, you can check the progress of your bet under the ‘My Bets” section. In the age of mobile technology and the internet, the Bet builders are accessible via apps and websites.

Betting can be an intriguing exercise. With Bet builders, the odds and possible wins are higher, and you get to weigh your mastery of the game and team. Take your sports betting to the next level by engaging a bookmaker with a bet builder.

Benefits of the Bet Builder

The reason for people to use the Bet builder is the Odds. The more bets you combine, the higher the odds and possible wins. While using the Bet builder is not the ultimate solution, there are two cases where it is better than single bets.

First, if the odds you are picking are low, you could opt to add more bets to your slip from the same match. It will raise your odds. A good example is if you chose team A to win, you could add the bet that goals scored will be over 0.5.

Secondly, if you have doubts about the match’s outcome, you can bet on two possibilities/double chance. Even though the possible wins are lesser, it broadens your winning chances. A good example is placing a bet where a certain team is to win, or the match ends up in a draw.