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Did you pick up your interest in sports through a movie? You are not alone, It is very common that people see a great picture about sport and wants to know more. Some people start practicing the sport, but most start following the sport, perhaps sitting in the audience and also starting to bet on it

 Some people take their interest in sports a bit longer and start betting on games, it gives the game another dimension of excitement. If you are true to the betting you don´t necessarily place the bets on your favorite team but on the one you think will win. If you are looking for a good site to place you bets on gamblingtimes.com/in/ a good site to find it.
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Wonderous Oblivion – Cricket

As cricket in not one of the biggest sports in USA one of the best foreign movies about this sport is not going to be from the States but from England. Released in 2003 this award-winning movie is set in the 1960s south London. Being next door neighbors a European Jewish immigrant and a West Indian family grows a close bond and we follow them throu romance, friendship, racism and of course cricket.

A league of their own – Baseball

As all men where out on the battlefield most jobs in the factories where vacant and needed to get filled by women to keep up USAs economy and to supply the war with weapons and other supplies. And as almost all men were out at war, sports was also paused. Because of this the owners decided to form teams with women. Scouts are sent out to find the best women players and finds Dottie Hinson who is an outstanding player, but also very reluctant to becoming a player.

Starring Tom Hanks, Geena Davies and Lori Petty you can be sure that the acting is really good. With the treat of having Madonna doing one of her move roles are just the icing on the cake.

Seabiscuit – horse racing

For the racing enthusiast it is a treat to get to know one of the best racing horses through the times. Here we can see the horse Seabiscuits fantastic career a true Hollywood story. Born with a fantastic pedigree he had a bright future set up, but he was lazy and all wanted to do was to sleep and eat. One day he came to know of three men who had big sorrows in their lives, and together the four changed each other lives forever.