8th May: SB22, the market-leading immersive betting and transactional platform have today announced the launch of Focus Mode, a sports betting evolution that is set to change the way fans bet forever.

Sports Betting Operator News | Focus Mode is a ground-breaking and patented betting format that looks to replace the traditional user experience of online betting, democratising live sports betting with a user-friendly platform that is populated in real time.

Through an accessible tile-based interface, Focus Mode allows for uncomplicated changes to wagers and ensures potential results are clear – ensuring clarity for users looking to take their live sports experience to the next level. Focus Mode also allows for in-play micro-betting, making for quick bets with quick results.


Focus Mode is fully modular and iOS and Android-native, and can be accessed across different platforms, including on iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, SB22’s retail kiosks K22 and through VR22, including the new Apple Vision Pro.

Users are able to select their wager using the slider at the bottom of the page, which will automatically calculate the potential pay-outs on the tiles’ graphics. Focus Mode allows users to easily switch between matches and competitions by swiping up/down and left/right respectively. Users can tap on tiles to receive additional information and can utilise a hold-down function to avoid accidental bet placing.

Focus Mode is not just for placing bets. While it offers the option to play for real money, the new UI is suitable for fantasy, free to play betting mode – where users can play against friends with no real money exchanged.

Vladimir Jovanovic, COO of SB22 comments: “The betting industry has been stuck in the dark ages for too long. The current interface available for betting is overcomplicated and difficult to use. With Focus Mode, we have created a new way to make your bets. It’s simple, user friendly and most importantly, clear to use. We don’t want users to feel confused or overwhelmed when placing a bet but instead want it to be an enjoyable experience that heightens their live sports experienceWe are excited to showcase how Focus Mode can change the way businesses approach sports betting.

SB22 is the creator of the only truly next generation sports betting, iGaming and free-to-play platform in the market that is fully scalable, modular and integrated with leading industry solutions. The company recently showcased their mobile-centric, VR-capable and retail-ready platform featuring the new betting mode at the Indian Gaming Convention in Anaheim. The team will be on the ground at the SBC Summit North America this week – please do not hesitate to reach out to find out more about what SB22 can do for your business.