Jirehl Brock and three other Iowa State football players along with three current or former Iowa football players and a student assistant were charged Thursday in connection with the state’s investigation into illegal sports wagering at the two schools.

A total of 15 football and basketball players and staffers with ties to the schools have been charged since last week in the ongoing investigation. Current athletes face a loss of eligibility for violating NCAA gambling rules.

Brock and ISU teammates Isaiah Lee, DeShawn Hanika and Jacob Remsburg were charged in Story County on suspicion of tampering with records to disguise that they were under the legal betting age of 21 at the time they placed wagers. Former Iowa players Arland Bruce IV and Reggie Bracy, current Iowa player Jack Johnson and student assistant Owen O’Brien face the same charge in Johnson County.

Brock, the Cyclones’ leading rusher last season, placed 1,327 illegal wagers totaling over $12,000 between February 2022 and February 2023. The bets were made on a FanDuel account controlled by him but registered under the name of Lindzey Paysen. Paysen’s relationship to Brock was unknown.

Brock is accused of making bets on three Iowa State football games, two in which he played, and 13 ISU basketball games.

Lee, a defensive lineman, made 115 wagers totaling over $885 between September 2021 and January 2023 on FanDuel. Among them were 21 wagers on seven ISU football games in 2021 and five more games in 2022. He played in each of the games. His account was registered under the name of a woman described as his fiancee, Kayla Cameron.

Hanika, a tight end, made 288 wagers totaling $1,262 between March 2022 and April 2023 through DraftKings, with 70 of the bets on ISU basketball games. His account was registered under the name of his mother, Kim Hanika.

Source: Associated Press 

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