According to sportsbook data, credit cards’ many advantages make it the number one depositing method when gambling online.

Not only does credit card betting simplify the entire sports betting experience by cutting down on the time it takes to fund a betting account, but it also offers several great perks offered by both sportsbooks and financial institutions.

Sportsbooks actively encourage bettors to use credit cards as it’s an incredibly secure banking option, and deposits instantly reflect in the bettor’s account. Naturally, no fees are associated with this banking method, with many online sportsbooks offering additional incentives and bonuses for bettors to use their credit cards. While banks and credit card providers provide cash-back opportunities, promotional benefits, and rewards for credit card use.

Do Betting Sites Accept Credit Cards?

Absolutely. The vast majority of betting prefer credit cards as a payment method. At the same time, feedback indicates that bettors consider credit card as their payment method of choice thanks to the abovementioned benefits it offers.

Getting started with a sports betting credit card transaction begins with the difficult choice of picking a desired online sportsbook. Fortunately, this process is streamlined by specialist review sites that have separated the wheat from the chaff, delivering a list of top gambling sites that accept credit cards.

Once a choice has been made from the trusted online sportsbooks, a bettor has the opportunity of navigating to the site, signing up, and claiming a special welcome bonus when making a credit card deposit.

Welcome bonuses allow bettors to dramatically increase their bankroll, giving them the opportunity of trying out various betting types and betting on different sports, ranging from football to horse racing and everything in between. It’s advisable that bettors carefully read through the terms and conditions when picking their welcome bonus.

Are Credit Card Sports Betting Sites Safe?

The answer to the frequently asked question, ‘are credit card sports betting sites safe?’ is a resounding yes.

All of the reputable online sportsbooks prioritize bettor safety. For that very reason, these sites incorporate bank-grade encryption, remote offsite server, and top of the line firewalls with automated intruder detection mechanisms to keep bettors’ financial details and financial transactions entirely secure. Before a bettor makes a transaction at a sportsbook, they should verify that the site is, in fact, reputable and licensed and regulated by a betting authority.

Using a credit card to deposit at a sports betting site is considered one of the safest methods available to bettors today. Credit card providers offer additional protection against credit card fraud, plus cardholders also have the benefit of PIN code protection for online purchases.

Plus, using a credit card allows the cardholder to lodge a dispute if there have been any irregularities with payment or services received. It’s important to note that major credit card networks such as Visa and Mastercard provide zero liability coverage, which states the cardholder will not be held responsible for any unauthorized purchases.


Which Credit Cards are Best for Betting Site Deposits?

As previously mentioned, Visa and Mastercard provide zero liability coverage, which certainly puts these two companies in the lead. However, there’s a third company to complete the top three in the electronic payments industry. Discover is particularly popular in the USA thanks to no annual fees charged on their credit cards and their zero liability coverage.

American Express also features, but its high interchange rates (the swipe fee a merchant must pay with every credit card transaction) often results in it being left off the depositing method list at many online sportsbooks.

The top three companies process a majority of the world’s card payments, and as a result, most online sportsbooks accept either one or all of these cards. The cards offer satisfactory success rates and are rarely rejected by online sportsbooks, especially when bettors have enabled their credit card settings for international purchases.

Rating the best credit card for gambling is primarily based on their reach, success rate, and circulation cards. The best cards in order from one to three are below:

1.   Visa: The number one credit card internationally is undoubtedly Visa. Not only does Visa boast larger payments volume ($8.8 trillion in 2019), cards in circulation, and global transactions than Mastercard, but it also reported $23 billion in total revenue in 2019. Visa’s global merchant acceptance footprint is close to matching Mastercard, as are its interchange fees. Visa’s widespread acceptance and use continue to grow, with 2018 reports indicating that more than 3.3 billion Visa cards are currently in use.

2.   Mastercard: Mastercard was a close second with its payment volume ($6.5 trillion in 2019) and total revenue of $16.9 billion in 2019. Mastercard’s global merchant acceptance footprint in 210 countries and territories worldwide versus Visa’s over 200 countries and territories. Mastercard features a lower success rate than Visa; thus, more online sportsbooks accept Visa than Mastercard.

3.   Discover: One of the major perks that Discover credit cards offer is no foreign transaction fees, while Visa and Mastercard charge up to 3%. Discover is accepted in 185 countries and territories and boasts a $160.28 billion payment volume in 2019. Discover enjoys popularity in the USA but is less likely to be received at online sportsbooks, with its success rate significantly lower than Mastercard.

Top-Rated Online Sportsbooks for Credit Cards

Safest Betting Sites is a great resource to find the most trusted online sportsbooks for credit cards. When it comes to sportsbooks, bettors are looking for the very best sites that offer competitive odds, a great variety of sports, and a generous welcome bonus. The following three online sites certainly tick all of the boxes and answer the question; what is the safest online betting site?

MyBookie: MyBookie features a welcome bonus of 100% up to $1000 plus a $10 NCAAB bet followed by a 25% up to $500 sports reload bonus. The sportsbook also offers players a comprehensive list of sports and horse racing with an additional list of action-packed contests and promotions. Bettors can make deposits using Visa and Mastercard with payouts processed within 48 hours.  

BetNow: For an excellent sports betting experience, bettors should consider BetNow. This site features an abundance of exciting offers, bonuses, and contests. New bettors can claim a welcome bonus of 100% up to $500 (code: BN100), followed by an 8% horse racing rebate and loads of contests such as the $1,000,000 Bracket Madness. Bettors can also count on loads of NBA and NFL promotions. The online sportsbook accepts Visa and Mastercard with payouts process times of 24 hours.

SportsBetting: This site boasts an incredible 50% up to $1000 welcome bonus (code: SB1000) followed by a Sports Reload bonus of 25% up to $250 on every qualifying deposit of min. $50 (code: FORLIFE). Bettors can look forward to live betting, odds boost that improve the odds in bettors’ favor, and a great variety of sports, eSports, horse racing, and alternative markets such as politics. The site also features the highest credit card acceptance industry-wide, while bettors can expect their payments within 48 hours. The site accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Can a Bettor Use a Credit Card to Withdraw from Sports Betting Sites?

Many bettors have asked this very question, with the simple answer being, it depends entirely on the online sportsbook. Although some sportsbooks have made the transition to include credit cards as a withdrawal method, with transactional fees being similar to wire transfers, it’s still relatively uncommon.

When it comes to a depositing method, most bettors prefer using credit cards based on the security measures that prevent credit card fraud, plus the benefit of having zero liability coverage. Bettors can also count on sportsbook incentives and cash-back opportunities, and the potential to earn points and rewards based on credit card spend.

Betting with a credit card offers the ultimate convenience and efficiency, with the deposits instantly available without fuss or additional processing steps. This option is simply the best alternative for depositing quickly and safely.