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With more than 140 League of Legends champions to choose from, there’s no shortage of options in Summoner’s Rift. If you’re new to the world of LoL, it’s tempting to go with your gut and pick a champion based on aesthetics and backstory. While the lore attached to LoL’s many champions is certainly enthralling, it’s the best guide for picking a character. Just starting out with League of Legends? Our round-up includes the best champion picks for beginners.

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  1. Lux

A firm fixture of the LoL schedule, Lux remains a go-to champion for beginners. Although she’s an accessible choice, don’t let this fool you into thinking she’s a second-rate pick. When used effectively, Lux can deliver finishing blows on enemies with low health bars. If you’re looking for a character that can take you on a rewarding learning curve, Lux is definitely worth mastering.

  1. Malphite

Malphite might look gruesome, but don’t let this dissuade you from experimenting with this champion. With this imposing champion at your disposal, you’ll feel unstoppable heading into battle. Although his skill set is dominated by physical attacks, this makes him no less effective. In fact, his punishing physical abilities are a good fit for the less experienced player. It’s also fairly easy to get to grips with every skill in Malphite’s arsenal, making him the perfect choice for new LoL players.

  1. Veigar

If you’re looking for a mid-laner champion that won’t take an age to master, Veigar is the way to go. Named for Veigar Bouius, a legendary Riot Games QA analyst, this champion packs a real punch. When deployed at just the right time, his attacks can bring an enemy to their knees in a single move. This makes him a great choice for clearing the map at the end of a match. However, you don’t need to hang back and wait for your teammates to clear the field before sending Veigar into the heat of battle.

  1. Ashe

Looking for an AD carry champion? You could do a lot worse than Ashe. Although she’s not designed for leading the vanguard, Ashe boasts plenty of unique abilities that make her an excellent choice for LoL newbies. Her auto-attack feature is particularly useful for inexperienced players that are forced into a corner. Furthermore, these auto-attacks can deliver devastating damage that can help turn the tide. As such, you don’t need to be hammering away at the keyboard in a blind panic if you find yourself backed in a tight spot.

  1. Garen

Garen is a superb pick at any rank. However, this top laner suits the needs of the beginner particularly well. You don’t need to master too many specifics to be able to utilize Garen effectively. He’s an incredibly mobile champion, meaning you’re not going to be bogged down in a difficult corner of the map. He also boasts an array of useful abilities that make him a valuable addition to any team. Admittedly, he’ll struggle when faced with ranged enemies, but a good team line-up will compensate for this.