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Alastair Graham, CEO, AgeChecked

Bill Healey chats to Alastair Graham, CEO, AgeChecked

When was the company founded and what was the inspiration behind starting the organisation?

The idea of AgeChecked germinated during a Christmas family holiday. I was sitting with my young nephew who was watching a children’s channel on TV. When my sister-in-law left the room, my nephew switched to the TV’s apps and started watching a gang of eight-year-old boys teasing a six-year-old girl, really inappropriately, on YouTube.

There was something so wrong with the scenario; my nephew was still watching “children’s entertainment” on a TV, but now the content was technically unbroadcastable. There was no regulation stopping YouTube from showing this content to children, but that didn’t make it right.

So, I started thinking about the challenge of understanding the age of online customers and saw that this was an issue across many online industries, not just video sharing platforms. I thought that this would be technology space that would grow in importance and decided to create a team to build the solutions for what that thought would be a worthy endeavour.

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