• Post published:March 31, 2024
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Digitain strives to keep ahead of an ever-changing and accelerating marketplace. By Iain Hutchinson

It’s a highly competitive vertical, the one of sports betting for any operator brand. With the constant increase in new costs for player acquisition or CPAs, it is the perfect time to look at how sports-betting-platform providers can help and integrate more social engagement, and retention features, and promotional tools for revenue growth. Digitain’s chief revenue officer, Iain Hutchison, outlines trends and potential opportunities.

We have decades of experience delivering reliable, flexible, scalable, and adaptable award-winning (over 30 industry awards), GLI-certified iGaming and sports betting solutions to more than 150 partners across various markets. We continue to look at ways to create solutions to the challenges that arise repeatedly within the gaming ecosystem for our partner operators.

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Image: Iain Hutchison, Chief Revenue Officer, Digitain

Introducing sports betting players to this funnel can be difficult for marketing teams across ever-increasing acquisition channels or sometimes need more efforts due to advertising restrictions. In the same way, the brands must be imaginative and competitive to get attention from players and ensure the most compelling interaction and experience for players at the first encounter with the brand’s website. Teams in marketing and platform providers need to think beyond the top-of-the-funnel and look for post-funnel solutions or assist in implementing retention strategies.

The marketing or business saying that keeping a customer happy is less expensive than buying a new one in the highly competitive online betting on sports market is very much a true saying.

Create content that has engaging features

In the past, the B2B platform company was focused on content or betting on headline statistics, that is, quantity over quality. For instance, Digitain provides 100,000 real, live, monthly events, as well as 70,000 monthly monthly pre-match events happening in 15,000 international leagues.

The size of these betting markets available is a crucial distinction; however, the players have various levels of experience and knowledge when they place bets on sports.

Today’s players demand entertaining content that aids their decision-making process for betting opportunities, resulting in more frequent visits to your online gaming brand.

Digitain gives our partners sports data and statistics from more than 19 sports across different nations and championships. Due to the rise of live-on-demand sports streaming, information in the form of lineups, statistics, player stats, team formation data, and scores have been essential to the player’s experience with real-time scoreboards and visualisations.

As mentioned earlier, players have different age profiles and experience requirements. Thus, providing players with education before the betting process is becoming more popular to give greater involvement and engagement.

You only have to look at the many social media platforms or peer recommendation networks providing educational or information-based content related to betting on sports. These include strategies, tips, and insight that are well known on affiliate channels and drive customers to the platform operators. It assists players in making more-informed choices and makes them feel more secure about their betting. In addition, the information that is in the form of responsible-gambling tools further promotes responsible gambling through self-exclusion choices, deposit limits, as well as hyperlinks to resources for gambling addiction. This shows your dedication to the well-being of your gamblers and creates a halo effect to help retain players.

Making gamification and community-building features within the platform allows users to get more involved in the operator’s brand, which can result in higher retention of loyalty, advocacy and GGR. The following are some feature solutions that Digitain has introduced.


Sport tournaments

One example of the growing importance of gaming and community tools is Digitain’s Sports Tournaments. The Sports Tournament feature allows players to place bets using their bonus points and win real cash prizes. The winners of the tournament are players who have earned the most points. These are shown on the updated leaderboards. The tournament’s winners and the prize money are all adjustable parameters in the platform.

This has been proven to be a robust retention-and-acquisition feature that has seen high engagement rates for participants in the tournament. Also, the double-digit engagement rate documented from the tournament participation shows many players placing a real bet during the event, since the player is comfortable with the company and betting results.

Bet Race Tournament

Bet Race Tournament is our new feature. It has it all to assist sports betting digitain paneloperators in organizing a contest for players that can stimulate the betting process and keep their players interested. We allow operators to organize an event where players who bet on specific bets are awarded bonus points, which could be turned into cash prizes at the end of the competition.


Building on community features, Digitain released Sportchat to revolutionise how users engage with the platform, fostering a sense of community and social interaction among bettors. This feature is set to transform the betting experience by providing users with a real-time chat environment where they can share insights and emotions, and connect with fellow sports enthusiasts.

Boosted Betting Activity: Because of this added social dimension, Sportchat is anticipated to grow betting activity significantly. Preliminary data suggests a remarkable 20 percent increase in bets placed by users actively participating in Sportchat discussions.

User experience, expectations and performance

As we’ve mentioned, offering more features based on retention and tools will help users become more involved in the company’s brand. In addition, digitain imageextending this feature further using live chat active player support, chatbots, or conversational applications features, including regular phone and email support, enhances, and improves user engagement.

These interactions in the player journey offer valuable feedback on the interaction level. They allow companies to improve their products by taking into account users’ opinions and converting them into actionable enhancements to the experience at the feature or product level.

Machine learning

Retention is a priority; however, a data-analysis requirement is associated with developing any brand-new community or gaming feature.

The features are essential, but to improve users’ behaviour, the data analytics integrated into the platform are a must-have. This is to ensure that the brand can determine which features are most helpful, and determine the roadmap for marketing the product to maximize growth opportunities in the future.

Machine learning helps divide users into groups according to various factors, including gambling habits, demographics or levels of engagement. This can allow for more specific personalization and product-driven marketing strategies. Using machine learning, it can analyze customer preferences and previous interactions, and recommend relevant content, like tips for betting, life events or news articles about sports. This keeps your customers interested and entices them to learn further on your platform.

Similar to how real-time or live betting has increased in popularity, real-time data on player behaviour and patterns will soon be integrated into every feature of a product and tool. These insights will eventually guide and help improve a brand’s retention strategies and align them with players’ preferences.